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BEEF.pngSt.Clair Grass-Fed Beef  Smith Cattle Co.
Tender Gourmet meat

To contribute to my nutrition program at CHIRO PLUS and to help promote healthy lifestyles, I've raised grass- fed PIEDMONTESE beef cattle.

It's one of the HEALTHIEST beef choices available on the market.

• The Piedmontese breed evolved from cattle that lived through centuries in a pure environment to become efficient in growth by eating an all-grass diet. From this lifestyle, they have maintained the Myostatin Gene. This gene gives Piedmontese breed the ability to "double-muscle" and possess the trait of tender, low-fat, quality beef, naturally. This trait is significant because flavor is in the muscle not the fat.

For the average price of a pound of store-bought hamburger you would be able to enjoy Piedmontese steaks, roast stew meat  for the same price per pound.
At a steak-house, it would cost you an average $25.00 for a single Piedmontese steak.

Steak.pngWe are taking deposits on beef orders now,  for the spring 2015, I'm anticipating beef to be ready by Fall,or sooner!

**$200.00 deposit per quarter cow**
$4.20 per pound hanging weight
An additional $0.50 cents/pound for hanging weight to the butcher.
**The cattle are estimated to hang between 670 and 800 lbs**

2COWS.png**A quarter cow will weigh 167-180 lbs**  You'll receive 25% of the entire cow however you want it cut.

Buyer's Club Members will be saving .50 cents per pound as a special discount. (Approx. $4.20 per pound)

I, myself, raised these natural, grass-fed cattle. The beef produced from them does NOT contain hormones or antibiotics. 'Their beef is high in protein, low in fat, and low in cholesterol.' -USDA handbook #8
I raised my cattle to produce healthy, tender, and flavorful meat.

To Order: Dr. Brian Smith

Sign-up using the form or call us at 586-949-3788 to make an appointment.

THIS ---->https://chesterfieldchiro.com/order-grass-fed-beef.html

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I have benefited tremendously from the chiropractic care I received from Dr. Smith.

John Doe
Chesterfield, MI

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